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Sterling Total PC Maintenance Solution is a very affordable way to keep your systems running properly and includes all support whether onsite or remote.  No more unexpected large bills from support companies that are driven to make money from your issues. We recognize that when things run smoothly and require less support we both benefit. We install a small lightweight software agent on each of your systems that proactively informs us when issues arise and allows us to remediate them remotely. In most cases without any disruption to the user.

Sterling Security  We will verify the security of all your systems and ensure your data is safe. We know the tools hackers use and can make sure you are protected. This is also a standard component of the Sterling PC Total Maintenance Solution.

Sterling Worry Free Backup Solution 
We offer a state of the art fully monitored backup solution that takes the worry out of this. No more tapes. No more swapping external disk drives. No more failed backups. Data is also replicated to two secure offsite data centers just in case .

We utilize the latest backup software from StorageCraft which even allows us to perform hardware independent restores to totally dissimilar hardware.

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