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At Sterling PC Maintenance Solutions we believe in our customers. They deserve excellent service at the best prices. They deserve to know their data is 100% safe and secure.  They should have optimized workstations in an optimized network environment. They should be able to reap the benefits of having computer systems and not be afraid of new technology.  We want to remove the headaches associated with IT and let them feel confident their systems are running at their best.

Sterling PCMS is a locally owned company that knows how to take care of computer systems and the people that use them. Let us earn your business and you will see a dramatic reduction in computer problems and will sleep better at night knowing your important data is safe.

With a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) at the helm you will receive superior big business support at affordable small business prices. 

Customers on our maintenance plans also benefit from us doing most routine maintenance and updates outside normal business hours to avoid disruption to their work day.

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